Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Amazing coincidence

Here's one those stories you never believe until you hear the facts. Watch the brief video and aswer the questions that follow.

1. What type of volunteer work does Kevin do?
2. What organization has Kevin been involved in(apart from the answer to question no. 1)? What life-saving skills did he learn there?
3. What happened to Kevin as a boy? How did Penny know Kevin? How did Penny help Kevin?
4. What amazing event, involving Penny and Kevin, happened several years later in a restaurant?
5. Did Kevin recoginize Penny at first? How did Kevin discover who she was?


  1. Hi David! I hope you are completely recovered by now. Hope to see you next Friday!

  2. Hi Dave!!! how are u? I hope you are better!! hope to see you this friday! Remember that you promised to go to Gambrinus and have some tapas!

    Where is Kevin from? because it's really difficult to understand him...

  3. Hi guys! Yes, I'm ok now. It was a bit scary at first, but I was well taken care of - one of the nurses was a former student of mine! Another amazing coincidence.

  4. Oh, and Kevin is from Buffalo, NY, which is nowhere near NYC - actually, an eight hour drive. I guess you can say he has kind of a mid-western accent. Buffalo folks have some of the coldest winters in the US. I've been there a couple of times and nearly froze my %$#¡ off. (Sorry, this blog is censored).

  5. Don't worry, I can guess what word is missing hahaha.

    Ok ok, I don't know why but it was difficult to me to understand him whereas it was really easy to understand the woman....